Story October 17, 2022

New Appliances

What Buyers Want

Sandpoint Idaho real estate raises many of the same
questions that would be asked anywhere. Of course, we don’t always agree on the answers. How
and where to spend your money when improving your home to sell is a subject of much debate.
This article addresses the topic of appliances and how they affect the sale of your

First of all, attempting to get a dollar for dollar
return on appliances isn’t really a thing. Although, what definitely is a thing, would be to
use appliances to stage your home in such a way as to sell your home quickly and for the
price you’re asking. Let’s figure this out.

The ENERGY STAR program began in 1992 by the
Environmental protection Agency (EPA).

Well, It should be mentioned that old appliances are
way more expensive to run. The ENERGY STAR program began in 1992 by the Environmental
protection Agency (EPA). I would seriously consider replacing any appliance made before then
but that probably goes without saying. ENERGY.GOV has a nifty calculator to estimate annual
appliance and home energy cost. The point here is that not only do new energy efficient
appliances appeal to potential buyers but they can actually save you a few bucks in the
short term.

Let’s move on to staging your home with newer but
mismatched appliances. While it is true that buyers still seem to prefer stainless
appliances, unless you’re selling a real high-end property, just showing a matching set
would be enough to give a good impression. Rust-Oleum Appliance Enamel Paint is awesome
stuff. In this video, they use it to used to spruce up a
mini fridge.

Sandpoint Idaho Real Estate

I found this trick at where it shows that some
appliance manufacturers have a secret second color on the other side of the front panel.
Apparently, to save on the cost of manufacturing, the panels are reversible so they can
offer the same appliance in two colors. It’s worth a look, right?