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Waterfront or Lakefront Homes in Sandpoint Idaho
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Waterfront Homes in Sandpoint ID


Sandpoint Idaho sits on the beautiful beaches of Lake Pend Oreille so many of the homes have stunning lake views and waterfront access. Most of these homes are South of Highway 2 and West of Highway 95 which is the bridge across Lake Pend Oreille. Downtown Sandpoint is located about where Highway 2 and 95 meet.

Waterfront homes in Sandpoint Idaho

Along the waterfront are many boat slips, docks, and great beachfront access. Many of these homes have private access and actually own a certain amount of footage down into the lake in front of their properties. If you’re looking for one of these homes or you simply want a home with some waterfront views, our agents know all the available listings including those along Elm St., Lakeview Boulevard, Pacific Street and Iberian way. The Condo Del Sol is located along Iberian way just east of downtown and provides easy access to Highway 95 and other local hotspots in town.

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Hidden and tucked away in amongst the neighborhoods and waterfront homes are parks, local cemeteries, museums and more. This is a great location if you’re looking for quieter streets, dead-end streets, cul-de-sacs, and of course any property on the Lake.

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Please contact us below if you are interested in viewing all of the available properties and homes for sale on the lake in Sandpoint Idaho. We would love to be your Realtor® of choice and knowing this area as well as we do we may actually have a property that fits your search criteria ready to go. Contact us anytime or simply give your information below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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