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3 Keys to Selling Your Home in Sandpoint Idaho
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3 Keys to Selling Your Home in Sandpoint Idaho.

So you've been toying with the idea of selling your home in Sandpoint Idaho? Maybe you need to sell because of relocation, job needs or finances; perhaps you just need a little more space or of the less. Whatever the reason, you probably don't want to sit on the market for too long. As we head into the spring season over the next 3 to 4 months, there are ways to appeal to today's buyers to get your home sold quickly.

Here are three keys to selling your home fast in Sandpoint Idaho.

              Be a serious seller.Selling your home in Sandpoint

Now, you might be thinking, "of course I'm a serious seller. Why would I sell my house if I'm not?" But a serious seller is more than simply a feeling or a state of mind. Being a serious seller means that you're not going to mess around with price, and you're going to be reasonable with buyers. The goal is to sell your house. Find out how much you need from the sale of your home. Don't think, "well it would be nice to have $50,000 extra" of course it would. But if you don't need that $50,000 extra from the sale of your house then don't put it in the budget. If you own $200,000 on your house, and your home is worth on the current market $250,000 but you think that you could get $270,000 for it, that's where sellers fail and tend to sit on the market longer than anticipated. Price it correctly from the beginning. And this leads us to the next key.

             Pricing it correctly from the beginning.

If you are underwater on your mortgage meaning that you owe more than it is currently worth, you need to speak to your real estate agent about a short sale. Even though you may not want a short sale on your record, as long as you kept up the payments and are not delinquent on anything, you can typically buy within the next two years. But if you need to sell because of financial stress, relocation, a death in the family, or medical expenses, you can apply for a short sale. Short sales mean that you will sell the home for less than you owe. You will need to be approved by your lender before you can go ahead with the short sale that this is where pricing it correctly the first time really is effective. If you have months to sit on the market you can certainly price of high-end and drop it each month. But the problem with that is by the time of the home is priced correctly, it has sat on the market too long so buyers feel that there's probably something wrong with it. At this point, you're likely to get pretty lowball offers. If the best to price it correctly from the beginning see you get the right buyers through the door and more offers on the table quickly.

staging for today's buyers             Present it for today’s buyers.

You have to know your competition in order to compete. If you have no idea what other homes are selling for or how they presented to buyers, you can't compete. Drive around and check out other open houses. See what buyers are seeing. Tour model showroom homes and see how they’re staged and laid out. Buyers are looking for move-in ready homes and if they see too much work or too much updating and renovating that needs to happen before they even move in, they will move on to the next house. Pack away about half of the items in cupboards, drawers and closets. Buyers want to make sure there's enough space. Carefully pack away memorabilia, personal photos and collections. Buyers want to see things as neutral as possible. Again, check out those models show rooms and see how they are staged. You can stage according to what today's buyers are looking for even with the items and materials you already have. Fix any repairs or minor issues that might stand out like a sore thumb to potential buyers.



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